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Summer Peace Camp of Open House Ramle 2016

The OPEN HOUSE Summer Peace Camp enriches the educational and recreational possibilities for Arab and Jewish children. The Summer Peace Camp enables Jewish and Arab youngsters to break down stereotypes of one another; to better understand each others’ identity, language and culture; and to develop friendships based on shared experiences.

Massa – Masar 2016 – The Journey

From March 13th – 16th, a group of 30 Israeli teenagers embarked on a Journey to engage with diversity and become closer together. The unique opportunity of this Journey rests in the fact that our teenagers represent Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths. Their experiences and identities center around the diverse cultures and environments through which … more »

Therapists for Peace

Applying Virginia Satir’s Model to creating mutual curiosity and developing partnership between Palestinian-Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel.

Summer Peace Camp of Open House Ramle 2015

As in the past 24 years, we held our Summer Peace Camp in July for three weeks (1st to 22nd July). For Jews and Arabs to meet from an early age is absolutely essential if one is not to fall into the socially prevalent stereotypes on both sides which basically lead to the dehumanization of … more »

Masa Masar 2015 – The Journey

Here is a group of thirty high school students from two schools, a Jewish and an Arab, participating in Masa-Masar – The Journey. They were together for four days between the 7th and the 11th of May, 2015.   Massa-Masar-Journey Program – May 7-11 / 2015   “This Journey changed me, I will always ask questions. … more »

Youth Exchange Delegation from Bremen, Germany

The purpose of the youth delegation aged 14 to 18 was to experience the multi-faith dimensions of this land and create relationships with people their own age from Open House.

Meeting with Palestinian School Students in Beit Hanina

I wish to share with you a first time experience–talking to hundreds of Palestinian pupils from a school in Beit Hanina, a Palestinian town near Jerusalem with a wall in its heart.

Visit of Students from Ben Gurion School of Education

Students from Be’er Sheva University School of Education visited Open House on March 2nd . They were on an educational tour of Ramle.

Abrahamic gatherings

In partnership with Bircat Shalom community in Kibbutz Gezer, led by Rabbi Miri Gold & Neve Shalom Spiritual Center, we have initiated multi-faith gatherings in our respective communities.

Nonviolent Communication Workshop For Women

Senior Fulbright scholar and director of Middle East Center for Peace, Prof. Paula Rayman, conducted at Open House a workshop in nonviolent communication for Arab and Jewish women…

Summer Peace Camp in the Midst of War

At this time, when rockets are falling all over the country from the south and from the north, and the airplanes are on their way to bomb Gaza, we pray and hope that a lasting ceasefire will come into effect immediately. We at Open House feel for both sides, and we pray for both sides. … more »

Women’s Business Workshop & Interfaith Course

In the past 3 years Open House has been doing major work empowering women as individuals and in the community.

Celebrating Light

Celebrating the Light on Human Right’s Day, 10th of Dec, was the initiative of artist Shulamit Ashkenazi. After participating in our Interfaith course for women, Shulamit became quite an activist at Open House.

2013 Summer Peace Camp

The OPEN HOUSE Summer Peace Camp has been running for 22 consecutive years. By now, we have gained a lot of experience about how to melt fear and prejudice, which manifests more strongly the older a person is.

Empowerment of Women

In the past 3 years Open House has been doing major work empowering women as individuals and in the community. Open House, in co-operation with the Kolech forum of religious Jewish women and the Interfaith Encounter Association…

Day for Prayer and Action for Children (DPAC)

Open House, together with the spiritual center in Neve Shalom held the event on November 18th at the “Alamaria” school in Ramle.

Adam’s Tree

This is the first time that such a thing has happened to our Open House community and I wish to share it with you. Adam Hijazi from Neve Shalom died this summer in a car accident together with his father Ahmad Hijazi, the director of the School for Peace in Neve Shalom.

Summer Peace Camp 2012 Summary

This was a truly groundbreaking year for Open House Ramle’s Summer Peace Camp. The camp was based at Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salaam for the fifth year in a row and had 103 total campers: 43 Arab campers and, a record high, 60 Jewish campers.

Greeting for the Jewish New Year

For this coming year, we extend to you blessings of health and joyful creativity! We wish to share with you, our dear friends, a beautiful letter we received from the parents of Yael, who participated in our summer camp this year for the first time.

Six year olds in our Summer Camp

Here is a clip from our Summer Camp this year from our 6 year olds! The song chosen for this clip is called “Yachad”;–Together – together, heart to heart, we will open new light in the sky..when the heart opens, it embraces the world.. it is not too late, if we believe..

Olive Tree Project

The Olive Tree Project is a program we had been dreaming about the whole of last year. We wished to work with 2 schools–a Hebrew school and an Arab school which will create olive tree sculptures for each other.

Music in Common

On the occasion of The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 10 of Dec. 2011, we had another concert at Open House with FODfest, Friends of Daniel Pearl Festivel, also called Music in Common.

Day of the Child 2011

November 20 is the Day of the Child, marking the anniversary of the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Children. On Friday, November 18, Open House young adults led sessions on children’s rights at the Terra Santa school in Ramle. Here are the words of Bissan Salman, 19, who led the sessions together with Muhammad Kabua, 18, and Vivian Rabia: “First we brainstormed … more »

Workshops for Child Development
Workshops for Child Development

Throughout 2011, there were 9 sessions, held at Open House, designed for Arab women on the topic of the development of the sexuality of children. These topics are pretty much shunned in the Arab community and are a cause for embarrasement. The Muntada Foundation, based in Haifa, has made it its purpose to promote greater … more »

2011 Summer Peace Camp

Between July 3rd and 21st, OPEN HOUSE held its annual Summer Peace Camp. As in past years, the principal venue was the mixed Jewish-Arab village of Neve Shalom/Wahat as-Salam (NS/WAS). There were 83 boys and girls who participated, from 6 to 14 years old. They came from a variety of locations, including Ramle, Lod, Kfar … more »

Dalia speaks on TEDx Jaffa

Dalia was invited to speak in a TEDx event in Jaffa holding the title, “Desire to know the Other”. The event was held on September the 7th 2011 in the beautiful setting of the East West House and the speakers were Jews and Arabs working for peace. Among the speakers were grass roots, interfaith and community organizers as … more »

Postcards for Peace

NEVEI KODESH Synagogue members in Boulder Colorado, have taken initiative to help Open House by creating postcards from the art work of our Peace Camp and Nursery School. Members of Nevei Kodesh Congregation are holding a dialogue group with Christian and Muslim Palestinian Americans who together have taken on this project to raise funds for … more »

Day of the Child

Day of the Child Following The Day of the Child on the 20th of November 2010, two volunteers from “The Journey” of previous years, Bissan and Muhammad, initiated activities in two schools, to raise the consciousness in relation to Children’s Rights. They used a poster which visually portrayed the basic rights of children according to international … more »

FODFest Concert at Open House

On the 14th of October 2010, a Concert was held at Open House, offered by FODfest–Friends of Daniel Festival, in memory of Daniel Pearl, the American Jewish journalist murdered by Al-Qaeda. Daniel Pearl believed that music crosses borders and he loved to to play with people from the different communities wherever he traveled. The Itar … more »

2010 Summer Peace Camp

The 2010 summer camp of Open House took place between the 4th of July to the 22nd on Neve Shalom grounds with 97 Arab and Jewish children. Participants were gathered from the greater Ramle area including Lod, Neve Shalom, Kibbuts Gezer, Beit Hashmonai, Carmei Yosef, Gizo, Eshtaol, Kfar Uriah Ein Hemed Abu Gosh and Beit Nakuba. … more »