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Music in Common

On the occasion of The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 10 of Dec. 2011, we had another concert at Open House with FODfest, Friends of Daniel Pearl Festivel, also called Music in Common. In addition to our participants, we welcomed students from Ort Lillienthal High School who worked together with Todd Mack, founder of Music in Common, to create their own songs which they performed at Open House, with their enchanted parents attending.

Like last year, Rula Nafar, 12, from the Itar school of music played the Oud.

It was a high energy event as people of different ages and backgrounds gathered together to share music in the warm hospitality of Open House.

FODFest 2010 Concert at Open House

On the 14th of October 2010, a Concert was held at Open House, offered by FODfest–Friends of Daniel Festival, in memory of Daniel Pearl, the American Jewish journalist murdered by Al-Qaeda. Daniel Pearl believed that music crosses borders and he loved to to play with people from the different communities wherever he traveled.

The Itar school of music is held at Open House, for several years now. Participating in the concert were students of the School of music. You can see Shukri Imsif (20) on the Kanun with Rula Nafar (11) with the Oud in a wonderful duet. Our audiance, composed of jews and arabs joined them in song.

Having been in Itar School of Music for years, Shukri is now studying in the Academy of Music in Jerusalem and will probably become a teacher in the School very soon.