The Open House in Ramle - a peace education center in Ramle, Israel

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Visit of Students from Ben Gurion School of Education

groupVisitStudents from Be’er Sheva University School of Education visited Open House on March 2nd . They were on an educational tour of Ramle.

All of the students were Jewish and some confessed being raised on a one sided narrative and that the story of Open House, while uncomfortable to contain, gave them hope.

The students were accompanied by their professors who conduct a research on the psychological and practical effects of exposure to the other’s narratives and experiences.

An intense spontaneous dialogue and sharing developed among Vivian, Dalia and the students. Costa Mansour* and Elad Vazana**, leaders of the visit, both shared about their efforts towards mutual understanding between Jews and Arabs.

With tears in their eyes the students thanked us for the door we had opened for them. And we, on our part, felt reinforced in our conviction of why we do what we do for all these years.

*Costa Mansour- Principal counselor of Open House summer camp sent all his children to Open House nursery.

**Elad Vazana leads dual narrative tours and is a long time peace activist. With Vivian Rabia, our project director, he is a leader of our project “The Journey–Masa Masar”.