The Open House in Ramle - a peace education center in Ramle, Israel

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Visit of Students from Ben Gurion School of Education

Students from Be’er Sheva University School of Education visited Open House on March 2nd . They were on an educational tour of Ramle.

Visiting Groups

Hundreds of groups have visited OPEN HOUSE in Ramle or asked us to meet with them in Jerusalem. Our presentations include: The story and history of the house, our experience in peace building and perspectives on coexistence.   If you’re planning a trip to Israel and wish to meet with us, you’re welcome to , … more »

The historic visit of the Al-Khayri sisters

Nuha (right) and Khanoum Al-Khayri at Open House In mid January, 1995, we were deeply moved to welcome the Al-Khayri sisters to Open House which was their home before 1948.  Nuha came from Ramallah and Khanoum all the way from Amman. They came to plant an olive tree with us in the yard. It was Tu B’Shvat, … more »

The visit of Shlomo Lahat

When Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Shlomo Lahat, came to visit Open House with members of his municipality, our very first summer camp was taking place at Open House, where the children were joyfully engaged in artistic activity around long tables. The warmth and encouragement that he gave us meant a lot to us in our … more »