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Youth Exchange Delegation from Bremen, Germany


At our yard, Jewish, Muslim and Christian youth from Bremen and Ramle meet for prayer.

The purpose of the youth delegation aged 14 to 18 was to experience the multi-faith dimensions of this land and create relationships with people their own age from Open House. They were Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and we too invited our participants and graduates from the 3 traditions. It was a warm evening, and our young people received them in the yard. As it was Friday night, we each  lit a candle and  shared prayers from the three Abrahamic traditions. Then we had a festive oriental meal which we ordered from Samir’s restaurant in Ramle.

Gathering inside the house, we discussed some common issues that we share both here and in Germany. We affirmed that a healthy society can be created when people get to know each other and share equal rights and opportunities.

After a dessert break, the Bremen youth shared with us their plan for a photo exhibition this November (around Kristallnacht) in Bremen. The focus of the exhibition is the potential of religions for conflict or peace. The young people showed us photos they took in Germany. Pending adequate resources, we hope to return their visit with our own photos from Ramle and Lod, both towns having ancient religious sites and traditions.

On Saturday we took the group for a tour of Ramle and we visited renowned painter and sculptor Nihad Dabit, with whom Open House works, in his home.

Afterwards the Bremen youth and our young people gathered at Open House to process and celebrate this rich weekend experience.