The Open House in Ramle - a peace education center in Ramle, Israel

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Therapists for Peace

‘Applying Virginia Satir’s Model to creating mutual curiosity and developing partnership between Palestinian-Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel’

They are provisionally called Therapists for Peace, an informal Jewish- Arab group of psychologists, social workers, teachers and group facilitators, who are committed to applying the model of Virginia Satir to Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel. They invited Open House as a vehicle and partner to this purpose.

Beginning March 13th, 2016 – an eight session workshop for twelve Arab and Jewish participants was held at Open House. The sessions were led by Tali Aharony, a clinical psychologist and professor of the Satir model, and Saber Rabi, a Jewish Arab group facilitator and community leader. During each session (5 to 9 pm) the participants learnt the model through an experiential process, thus enabling them to use the model in their own context.

“Peace within, Peace between, Peace among”, Virginia Satir