The Open House in Ramle - a peace education center in Ramle, Israel

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Abrahamic gatherings


Singing at the Havdala Service

In partnership with Bircat Shalom community in Kibbutz Gezer, led by Rabbi Miri Gold & Neve Shalom Spiritual Center, we have initiated multi-faith gatherings in our respective communities. On January 31st, Jews, Muslims and Christians gathered at Open House to share the concept of Charity in their traditions.

The event began with a potluck meal, followed by a Havdala service (marking the end of the Shabbat) in our yard. Since many of the guests came to Open House for the first time, Dalia was asked to tell them the history of the house. Then, a representative of each of the three Abrahamic religions, shared a text from their tradition about charity.

In the meantime, the children of the participants were occupied with creative activities by volunteers. Emoji


Sharing principles of charity from the Muslim tradition.


Keeping the children busy

In addition to Bircat Shalom, the participating Synagogue communities areYedid Nefesh and Ahva communities from Modi’in, Shalhevet Macabim and Yozma from Macabim.

The participating Christian communities are: The Beatitudes from Emmaus Latrun, a contemplative community of Catholic brothers and sisters, and the Salvidor Sisters  who run an orphanage in Bethlehem.

From Ramle came The Muslim participants as well as Christian and Jewish women from our Women’s Empowerement & Interfaith courses.

Saturday night, 21st of March, another multi-faith gathering is taking place in Neve Shalom Spiritual Center with the same communities and their friends!

The theme of this gathering is the concept of Freedom (Inspired by the approaching holidays of Pesach-Pasqua-Equinox).