The Open House in Ramle - a peace education center in Ramle, Israel

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International Exchange Programs

Delegations of older OPEN HOUSE teens have traveled abroad over the past several summers, deepening friendships among themselves and fostering connections with their peers abroad. Summer 2007 – a youth delegation from Open House, five Jews and five Arabs, ages 17-18, traveled to Italy at the invitation of the Municipality of Padova to interact with the Scouts of that beautiful historic town. A loyal group of Italian Friends of Open House helped to arrange the visit.Summer 2002 – 18 Jewish, Muslim and Christian Teen Peacemakers from Open House Ramle traveled to the United States on August 1st through August 24th 2002. The trip was organized and hosted by Open House families and friends. The youths and their counselors stayed with their hosting families and were taken on educational trips regarding the United States history, focusing especially on racial relations and history.